See No Evil: Why the Justice System Ignores Rape

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Much has been said about the rape culture that exists in today’s society, without a full definition of what rape culture is. To many, it refers to the general acceptance of trivializing sexual violence, from the popular use of rape as a term of competitive jest (for example, “I totally raped that exam,”) or the negations of the definition of rape, as in the example of Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ quote.

A less discussed aspect of rape culture, however, is the accepted response to the crime itself. In an essay on The Huffington Post, Amherst student Angie Epfiano, who went public with the story of her own rape, commented on the inability of victims to speak about their experiences.

“When you look at it, sexual assault and rape are basically the only violent crimes that when you talk about it, people close off.” She went on to explain…

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